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welcome to Indian Agro - Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd.

We at IACI are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of agrochemicals in India located in Thane District Maharastra. We are proud to say that we are dedicatively serving the Indian farmers for the past three decades with our superior quality Agri-inputs as well as rubber, tyre and latex products manufacturers, explosive products manufacturers & some pharma companies under the noble guidelines of our Chairman and Managing Director Shree D. R. MANE Sir.

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Our Products

Sulphur Powder - Industrial Grade

Sulphur powder is manufactured with different specification and is used in many industries such as chemical industries, explosives.

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Sulphur Powder - Rubber Grade

Sulphur powder Rubber Maker & Micro Fine is used in rubber, balloon, tyre, latex industries and we are manufacturing the product.

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Sulphur Dust 85% DP

Sulphur 85% D.P. Dusting Powder is used in farm products like Grape, Groundnut, Moong, Pea, Green Chilly, Cumin & Corriander.

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Sulphur 80% WP

Sulphur 80% W.P. is used in farm products like Grape, Groundnut, Apple, Chilly, etc.

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Sulphur 80% WDG

Sulphur 80% W.D.G. It is water dispersible granules containing 80% sulphur as active ingredient and balance adjuvants 20% w/w.

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Malathion 5% DP

Kisan Thion Dust is one of the most effective insecticides that are Malathion 5% D.P. for the protection of the crops.

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Sulphur 90% WG

90% Sulphur Powder approved under FCO Small particle size of 2-4 Good spread through drip system Suitable for alkali soil. Plant nutrient & soil amender.

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Sulphur Powder 99.5%

We are registered Trade mark for Kishmish Sulphur Powder 99.5% pure use in only Kishmish(Bedana / Raisins).

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True Copper is a copper based broad spectrum fungicide which controls the fungal as well as bacterial diseases by its contact action.

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ZincMor is micronutrient having zinc oxide 39.5% based on suspension technology.

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BoroMor is micronutrient having boron ehthanolamine 10% in liquid form.

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InovaCal is secondary micronutrient having Ca11% in liquid form

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Indian agro - chem Industries pvt. ltd.

Why Us

Composed by a dexterous personnel, this collection of products is accessible with us, in a number of packaging options to pick from. Along with this, our proficiency to meet with exclusive and mass orders has established us huge approval in this country.

Some of our main qualities are as follows:
  • Focus on delivering expected and desired quality of products.
  • Customers Trust in our Products Brand.
  • Availability of Products.
  • Affordable Pricing.