InovaCal is secondary micronutrient having Ca11% in liquid form

InovaCal Benefits

InovaCal (Ca) is concentrated calcium fertilizer in suspension form.
InovaCal will mitigate "bitter pit" in apples, "stem necrosis" in grapes, fruit cracking in Pomegranates, blossom end rot' in tomato & other solanaceous crops.
'Black heart' in Celery & Cauliflower & many physiological disorders associated with impaired calcium availability on the cell walllevel.
Calcium deficiency may also affect membrane permeability & sall - stress potential

Packing Available:
  • 1Lit, 500ml, 250ml & 100ml

Advisory Dosage:
  • Foliar Spray - 1ml/liter of water

WARNING: As the usage of the product is not done under our control, we assure our uniform quality of the product only. We don’t take any other responsibility.